Collision Repair

England offers free collision repair estimates utilizing CCC One platform, works with all insurance companies, uses state-of-the-art technology, and offers towing services for the New Castle, Delaware region. The company performs all services major body shops offer including, but not limited to: frame repair, body panel replacement and alignment, suspension replacement, drivetrain repair and replacement, airbag diagnostics and repair, electrical repair, upholstery repair, mechanical repairs and computerized paint matching services. England repairs all types of passenger vehicles, heavy duty commercial and farm equipment, excavators, wood chippers, trailers, exotic vehicles, luxury vehicles, recreational vehicles, motorcycles and classic vehicles at a level of excellence that exceeds local competitors at a portion of the cost.
Collision Repaired by England Motor Coach
I Car training England Motor Coach

I-Car Trained Technicians

England Motor Coach provides quality auto body repair for all makes and models of vehicles, utilizing the latest technology for your vehicles repairs. Our technicians are I-CAR trained, the standard in our industry for all aspects of your repair. This reflects our commitment to ensuring that our technicians are up to date with the necessary training to repair today’s complex vehicles.


England Motor Coach is equipped to repair both foreign and domestic vehicles, and uses a computerized paint color matching system for virtually undetectable results. This system is a premium water borne product to help insure your vehicle is brought back to pre-loss condition. Not all body shops are equal when it comes to quality auto body repairs. However, when you choose us as your auto body shop, you are assured a high attention to detail and a Lifetime Guarantee on your body work for as long as you own the vehicle.

Concierge Service

England Motor Coach treats their customers like family. Need a ride when dropping off or picking up your car? Just ask! We also offer towing service and a courtesy clean-up of your vehicle after repairs are completed, including a COVID treatment and protective coverings on touch surfaces. Our team ensures you know exactly what’s going on with your repair at all times by updating you via text , email or phone call depending on the clients needs. Our goal is to make the inconvenience of a vehicle repair a little more convenient. Call us when you arrive, and we’ll meet you at your vehicle for our concierge service , to ensure your total safety during this trying time.

Insurance Claims

England Motor Coach works with most insurance companies, which means we have direct access to your claim processor and can get immediate approval for your repairs and your supplement process via CCC one Open Shop. As soon as we have your car in the shop, we can go to work . limiting your down time with your vehicle. We know you need your vehicle repaired as quickly as possible. We also repair with Original Manufacturer Parts whenever possible, restoring your car to its original factory condition, and follow all OEM procedures. We know how traumatic an accident is and that each insurance company has its own procedure. This is why we assist you with your insurance company interactions and assist with the rental car set up if needed. We provide detailed information regarding the collision repairs to the adjuster via CCC one and work closely with the vehicle owner to guide you through the steps in the process of dealing with auto collision paperwork. Rest assured we are with you every step of the way

Auto Parts Supply Chain Issues

It’s no secret that there are massive delays in the automotive parts supply chain. In fact, it’s becoming increasingly difficult for auto repair shops to find even minor spare parts. In addition, many shops are having a hard time convincing customers that the issue is only because of the global shortage in automotive supply. Let’s take a look at some of the reasons automotive supplies have delayed.

The global automotive parts supply chain has been disrupted by a perfect storm of sorts. A series of events has conspired to create significant delays in the supply of automotive parts.

One of the primary issues is the ongoing pandemic. The outbreak of COVID-19 has led to widespread shutdowns of factories in China. This has had a ripple effect on the rest of the world, as many automotive parts are sourced from China. The disruption to the supply chain has been further compounded by a series of natural disasters, including floods and typhoons.

In addition, there has been a dramatic increase in the demand for automotive parts, as car sales have surged in recent months. This has put even more pressure on an already strained supply chain.

All of these factors have led to significant delays in the delivery of automotive parts. This, in turn, has caused delays in the repairs of cars. Many shops are reporting that they are unable to get the parts they need in a timely manner.

The situation is likely to improve in the coming months as the supply chain starts to recover. In the meantime, shops will need to find ways to cope with the delays. This may include renting cars to customers or sourcing parts from other countries.