Classic Ford Bronco

1970 ford bronco

                                         Planning and Design

You dream the custom build of your dreams, we will build it. Your Bronco is built specifically with your wants, ideas, and design touches.


                                                    Our TEAM 

Our skilled technicians know these trucks inside and out and can-do complete frame off restorations, paint and/or body work, engine swaps, modern transmission upgrades, add fuel injection, air conditioning, power steering, power disc brakes, suspension, brand new interiors, inlcuding modern day features  like bluetooth stereo, hands free calling, navigation, backup camera, heated seats, etc

One of the many four-wheel-drive classics that we the Ford
Bronco, we are especially fond of the first generation Broncos that were
produced from 1966-1977.  The second
through the fifth generation models (1978-1996) are gaining a lot of popularity
as well lately and are more affordable for the bronco enthusiast.   The surge in desire of classic Ford Broncos
is due to the release of the all-new 6th generation Ford Bronco lineup that is
fueling the fire for a resurgence of this legendary off-road vehicle, and they
just look awesome.

Here are upgrades for your Ford Bronco for the streets and
off-road that some of our clients have requested lately.

Convenience and
Comfort on the Streets

Bucket Seats – The first thing we would upgrade on any Ford
Bronco are the seats … the factory seats may seem great but most clients want a
better appearance and wayyyyy more comfort. There are several options to get
your bronco ready for a road trip.

Center Console –Adding a center console gets you plenty of storage
room that is seriously lacking in the original interior. A client can even add
cup holders and modern electronics to the console.

Insulation and Carpet – Interior insulation and or sound deadening
like Thermo-Tec o, HushMat , Dyno mat and alike are an excellent upgrade to
have.  When these aforementioned items
are combined with good quality carpet, it helps insulate and/or reduce the
sound and heat from the undercarriage and road noise caused by the tires that
are never noticed in modern cars. It is a great update to make your vehicle
much more pleasurable to drive.

Power Windows – While most people think this standard
options for today’s cars it is something that isn’t always present on a classic
vehicle.  It is nice to add to any
classic vehicles interior and to be able to hit a button and roll down the passenger
or driver’s window at will is a great modern-day feature that many take for
granted in today’s cars.  

Install A/C – This is another standard feature in today’s vehicles
that was not a factory option until the late 70s in broncos. If you live in an
area of the United States that sees higher temperatures installing modern air conditioning
while make your warmer driving months much more enjoyable.