Equipment Refinishing

 We paint equipment too!
Typical shops will sand blast equipment to save themselves time. Been there, done that! Sandblasting is a great way to strip painted metal, BUT not equipment!
Why? Sand blasting is very intrusive. While sand blasting does work to strip paint from equipment, it can significantly reduce the life of equipment compared to our method of sanding by hand with DA orbital air sanders. 
How? Fine particles enter bearings and reduce the life by causing friction between the rollers, damage electrical motors, damage greased-components, clog radiator fins, damage rubber components like hydraulic hoses, etch glass and even tear apart wiring.
We skip the risk and sand by hand with air sanders (DA orbitals).
The equipment is Epoxy primed using a premium coating from Valspar for a lasting undercoat and Top Coated with a TOUGH industrial single stage paint that can be matched to just about any color of the customers choice . Give us a call today to discuss your needs.